+port allows you to power your mobile device and use USB devices at the same time

Most tablets and phones allow you to charge them or plug in a device, but not both at the same time. The +port allows you to charge your tablet PC* or smartphone* while also using USB devices at the same time. Your mobile device is capable of much more than you are probably aware of.  +port allows you to take advantages of those capabilities while making your life much easier.

Those who have already used +port say that it maximizes the potential of their mobile devices.

You can now use your mobile device for much longer and for many more applications.

As mobile products are becoming very common both at work and home, we see a strong and growing need for +port. People should not have to wait for their devices to charge to continue using their peripherals. For instance, you can turn a micro USB compatible tablet into a desktop with keyboard, mouse and any other compatible peripherals that you may need. Many people that own a tablet can eliminate the need for a laptop altogether, making life much simpler.

*Note that the +port was designed for the Dell Venue product line and works with most tablet PC’s, but the USB function of the +port does not work with Android based devices, the Vivotab from Asus and the Toshiba Encore and Apple products. If you need the +port for any of these devices, we are working toward creating a fix in coming months so please check back. The Android version will switch seamlessly between OTG and Charging through the use of an integrated motion sensor.

Contact us and we will keep you informed about when the android version will be released.