We design and build solutions to simplify and enhance mobile computing.

Mobile Design Labs began as a team that was assembled to address a single basic problem in mobile computing: allowing seamless charging while using USB devices at the same time for tablet PC computers. This project came to be called the +port and it was successfully funded on Kickstarter. Since the funding was complete, demand has come in the form of customized projects for embedded solutions. We are now growing to meet a variety of new and exciting challenges in the mobile computing field.

The Team

Our backgrounds and degrees are in design, business, product development and electrical engineering. Our two engineers have 50 years of combined experience designing, creating and successfully sourcing electronic devices. Having a strong engineering background means that we can predict the changes in the industry and quickly respond to new opportunities that present themselves in the form of new products or custom projects. We strive to offer better quality products, and better support for your mobile technology needs. Contact us for any questions on how we can help you.